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About Us

SourcingMachine has revolutionised the Promotional Merchandise industry with innovative products that help Suppliers and Distributors sell more.
The Promotional Product industry has hundreds of Suppliers and thousands of Distributors selling business to business promotional merchandise items branded with their Customers’ logos.  In the past, in order to source a promotional product for their customer, Distributors would require a large amount of product knowledge that would have to have been learned over many years and much of the technology that is built into SourcingMachine would have to be purchased a great expense by them.
The SourcingMachine website brings together thousands of products from hundreds of Suppliers and makes these available for Distributors of Promotional Merchandise to search through online.  Once the products have been sourced on the SourcingMachine website, as a Distributor, you can add logos to these products with the virtual sample tool, include them in a professional looking presentation or quotation for their client. 

Our technology allows a Supplier to get his products in front of their Distributors for a fraction of the cost that it would have traditionally taken using catalogues and allows a Distributor to save time Sourcing Products for their clients.