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Registration Costs?

If you are a Supplier who would like a Company Profile this is $70.00 per month + GST. Distributors currently pay $100.00 per month + GST for 5 individual users to have SourcingMachine Access. 

There are 2 types of membership, Distributor and Supplier, suppliers are able to form their own company profile if they wish.

How do I get my company involved?

Register as a supplier and then you will be asked if you would like to create your own Company profile.

What does adding my company profile to SourcingMachine entitle me to?

This entitles you to create your own company profile with your logo, contact information, company description, photos of your office and/or factory and unlimited products on your profile page. You can also post news in the Latest News section.

Can I add my company logo to My Company Profile?

Yes you can, you can also ad up to 3 images; your office premises, manufacturing facilities and even pictures of your work colleagues.

Can I upload as many products as I want?

Yes you can, there is no upper limit on the number of products that you place on your company profile.

Can I get help uploading my information?

Yes, please call our contact number (07) 5437 6325 for help at any time.

How do I subscribe to news alerts on my favorite news subjects?

Click onto the News Topic that you would like to follow and press the Subscribe to this Topic button, each time a new message appears an email will be sent to you to advise you.

How do I upload my product images and descriptions?

Register as a supplier, form a Company profile and follow the upload product instructions. SourcingMachine will upload up to 100 products on your behalf to get you going FREE OF CHARGE.

How does the search facility work?

You can search through the database of products or the latest news section, put as many key words into the search section as you think necessary and then press search. When searching through the product database your results will always be displayed with the cheapest item at the top of the page.

Do you use ‘enhanced listings’ on your product searches?

No, we believe that distributors need their search results in order of price (cheapest at the top) so that they can offer their clients the best possible value.

Will a customer enquiry go directly to me?

Yes it will.

Where do I post an e-flyer, job vacancy or my companies latest product news?

On the home page there is the Latest News section. This section is available for all companies who have formed their own company profile to upload their latest company information for all the industry to see.

How do I post new products?

If you want the whole market to see your latest product put it in the Latest News area under Latest Products. Or upload an image of it and description of this onto your company profile. Each new product uploaded product will appear on the home page until the next new product is uploaded by yourself of someone else.

How do I get my product onto the large product image on the home page?

Upload it onto your Company profile and it will appear immediately.