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SourcingMachine Franchise Opportunities


If you are looking to start your own business and want to learn more about how to become a SourcingMachine franchisee, to apply, please complete the application form  at the bottom of this page or call us today.


Becoming a Franchisee

SourcingMachine is an exceptional franchise opportunity that provides our franchiees with all the tools and knowledge they require to run their own successful business.


SourcingMachine is a well known brand in the Promotional Merchandise industry with many global brands using the system to promote their products to Distributors and on to the End User..


The SourcingMachine franchise system offers:


  • Your own SourcingMachine website for your country or territory
  • An easy to use functionality and back office putting you in control
  • A strong support systems and back-up from head office
  • Minimal set-up and operating costs


Why Choose a SourcingMachine franchise?:

SourcingMachine has revolutionised the Promotional Merchandise industry with innovative products that help Suppliers and Distributors sell more. The Global Promotional Product industry has thousands of Suppliers and Distributors selling business to business promotional merchandise items branded with their Customers’ logos. In the past, in order to source a promotional product for their customer, Distributors would require a large amount of product knowledge that would have to have been learnt over many years and much of the technology that is built into SourcingMachine would have to be purchased a great expense by them.


SourcingMachine websites bring together tens of thousands of products from these Suppliers and makes them available for Distributors of Promotional Merchandise to search through online. Once the products have been sourced on the SourcingMachine website a Distributor can add logos to these products with our integrated Virtual Samples tool, include them in a professional looking presentation or quotation for their client. SourcingMachine technology allows a Supplier to get his products in front of thousands of Distributors for a fraction of the cost that it would have traditionally taken using catalogues and allows a Distributor to save time Sourcing Products for their clients, allows them to employ staff from a wider background and puts expensive product presentation technology at their fingertips for a small cost to them, enabling them to create professional looking virtual samples, search engine optimised websites, presentations and quotations for their clients that previously would have only been available to much larger companies.


The SourcingMachine Franchise Opportunity

SourcingMachine is owned by Industry Buzz Limited. As a franchisee, Industry Buzz will supply you with all the technology and on going support that you need for you to be able to concentrate on getting in the Suppliers and attract the Distributors to use the system and all the functionality contained within it to ensure that your business grows.


There are many reasons why a Distributor would want to use SourcingMachine as it is not just a product database it is also a sales tool that enables Distributors to save time and sell more; it also lets the Distributor instantly have their own Company website (using our WebBuilder system) that can be completely customised to their own look and feel but still containing all the product information that is on your SourcingMachine.


We have designed the system to run using just one member of staff to keep the overheads to a minimum. In addition, we keep your costs low as you do not need to pay for web hosting fees, or any ongoing maintenance fees or development costs as all this is handled by us in the UK. In addition to this we have an internal ticketing system that gives you access to all marketing material and our team of 4 full time technical staff who you can use to set up your Distributor's WebBuilders and quickly deal with any day to day issues that you may have.


It is in our interests that your SourcingMachine franchise to be as profitable as possible and we will always be creating new email flyers and marketing material which you will be able to use, we will keep the site and its technology up to date so that SourcingMachine franchisees are always ahead of the competition. SourcingMachine runs very successfully in the UK and the End User websites that are created using the UK version of the SouricngMachine product database beat the competition and we take business away from them every day.


We will set up your website for your SourcingMachine franchise business and we will also spend an intense week with you in your territory going through the sales and operations manuals that we have created that deal with every aspect of the business. We will also acompany you to see as many Suppliers/Customers as you like, to demonstrate SourcingMachine to them. After that week you will be ready to go.


In addition, we will also come over and support you at your first trade show too.


What Skills Do You Need

Franchising is all about working to a tried and tested system and it is vital that you can work within the parameters of the SourcingMachine system’s processes and procedures.


The key attributes of a successful franchisee include:


  • Passionate about SourcingMachine – with a good knowledge of the promotional merchandise market
  • Good motivator
  • Possess business acumen and awareness
  • Organised
  • Effective time-management skills
  • Articulate
  • People-person
  • Good listener
  • Effective communicator
  • Professional in outlook and appearance
  • Open to advice and guidance


SourcingMachine offers full support and training both at the beginning of the relationship and on an ongoing basis. This essential support network provides you with a framework of contacts to draw upon who have ‘walked the walk’ and can advise you on an ongoing basis.


The Support Network

SourcingMachine has created a strong network of support. Industry Buzz staff are easily contactable no matter where your territory is and our centrally located technical team are open for business 24 hours a day and through our custom made ticketing system and their deep knowledge of SourcingMachine they will be able to deal with any requests or queries that you have very quickly.


We can always assist and mentor any franchisee with training, operations or marketing.



The training given to our franchisees is very comprehensive and has been developed whilst running the UK SourcingMachine ensuring that you are prepared for any situation.



1) How many people are needed to run a SourcingMachine business? 

We have designed and built a SourcingMachine franchise to be run by one person. SourcingMachine also has an on hand a team of data in-putters (if required) who will be made available to you to occasionally work on large amounts of product data if and when required and we also have our own in-house team of Web Designers who can make up marketing emails for you if your require, however you will also have at hand a large catalogue of marketing emails that we have already produced to use and new ones will be sent to you on a regular basis.

2) What are the daily tasks: 

Requesting product data from suppliers.

Providing raw data to and instructing overseas data in-putters.

Getting together the Industry's Latest News to publish in the newsletters and create these.

Replying to Supplier queries with regards to product input, website and all the marketing packages that we can offer them.

Upload all news to the latest news section (Suppliers can also input these themselves if they like).

Uploading Supplier videos to the 'Video Trade Show' section.

Email marketing selling and organising email blasts, enhanced products and selling bespokee product categories to Suppliers.

Activating Distributors global search accounts and setting up payment plans


Chasing overdue invoices.

Ensuring that all Supplier Profiles in SourcingMachine have all data and the information is correct.

Creating flyers to be sent to Suppliers and Distributors reminding them of their login details and generally updating them about what no with SourcingMachine (we will provide many email flyers to you that we have already used and have been proven to work).

Ensuring that Distributors are setting up their WebBuilders correctly with education and training calls to individuals or webinars to groups and making sure that your video tutorials section is kept updated.

Meeting Distributors to discuss bespoke website projects incorporating the SourcingMachine functionality and product database.

Ensuring that as many Distributors as possible upgrade their WebBuilder Distributor websites to maximise income.

Dealing with any problems that occur with the website (communicating these to the London office so that they can be fixed as quickly as possible).

3) Who is going to develop My country's or Territory's version of the website? 

We will develop the website which will be an exact copy all the other SourcingMachine sites but with your contact details ready for you to add your Suppliers and their products too. You will be handed a fully completed website, and it will work in your main currency options but the currency will also be able to be changed into other currencies if you like.

4) Do we see ourselves as a competitor to Trade Associations? 

SourcingMachine is an online business only, but we will encourage you to exhibit at Industry shows and exhibitions. Being online only keeps the costs down. SourcingMachine also offers a lot more functionality to Suppliers and Distributors than other traditional Trade Association websites. We do not consider these Associations to be our competition but instead we consider them to be a Partner to promote our services through.

5) Where will the Full Training be held? 

As part of the set-up process, full training will be given to you and to the staff member who might be running the site, and in addition to this, full on-going support will also be supplied.

Training will take one week and will cover the Training Manual which will explain how to sell SourcingMachine and the Operations Manual which will cover how the site works and all the functionality that it offers and will take place at your office. We will also accompany you out to meetings with your Suppliers and Distributors.

6) What are Distributor WebBuilder Websites? 

A Distributor can create their own BASIC WebBuilder website that contains our product database for Free but this only offers very basic functionality and is meant to give them a taste. If the Distributor wants to make the most of their websites then we offer two additional separate packages (the PLUS version and the PRO versions). Each package adds more and more functionality to their own Company website and you will charge a monthly fee for each additional package of services that the Distributor signs up to.

7) What does the Franchise Contract look like? 

There will be a fixed term of 5 years, so you will be protected and this will also ensure that you are committed to making the business a success. After the 5 year period of the initial term then you will automatically be offered the option to renew. The contract will only be terminated if you break the agreement, examples of this would include, setting up a competing business or failing to develop the business opportunity.


Financial information

A SourcingMachine start-up costs are exceptionally low for a franchise as the business does not need to be run from office premises. The Initial Up-Front Start-Up Franchise Fee is from £30,000 and this includes all set-up of your Country or territories website, full training. This also includes your franchise agreement.


The percentage of on-going franchise fee is 20% of a franchisees turnover before tax. In return you will be provided with ongoing free training, access to all our resources and marketing material. All maintenance and updates to the website's functionality and additional developments will automatically be carried out or added to your website and to your Distributors WebBuilder websites for free as and when they have been developed and launched.


Steps to Becoming a SourcingMachine Franchisee


1) Do Your Research

Research the market in your country or potential territory. Visit the websites of our SourcingMachine franchisees. Thoroughly read through the whole of this website.


2) Contact Us

When you have decided that you are interested then please contact us. Ask for our Managing Director, Andrew Larter and he will have a chat to you and then you will be sent some more information to read through.


3) The Agreement

If having read all this information you are still interested then we will send you a copy of our franchise agreement. Please review this document with a financial advisor or solicitor. Discuss financial issues with your bank manager.


4) Speak to our Existing Franchisees

Talk to existing franchise owners to learn more about what it is like to run a SourcingMachine franchise. Ask them why they chose the SourcingMachine franchise.


5) Decide to Join SourcingMachine.

Once you have finished all your research and are 100% sure that you want to start up a SourcingMachine in your chosen country or territory then give us a call. We can normally set up your business within 2-4 weeks depending on the time it takes to get all the necessary business paperwork ready in your country.


Current Opportunities

Sourcing Machine operates globally and we are always looking to open new sites. Territorys are normally divided into countries but we are open to suggestions. Please click on the Contact Us & Apply Today button and submit your details online.


Contact Us & Apply Today

If you are interested in becoming a SourcingMachine franchisee please call 0044 20 8870 04800044 20 8870 0480, email andrew@sourcingmachine.co.uk or complete the application form below.


Please fill in your details in the form below: